Sony A7Rii Hot Shoe issues.

Ever since purchasing my Sony a7Rii camera I have used it 75% of the time in a studio environment with studio lighting, with fantastic results, wonderfully sharp and detailed images (examples here).

I use Elinchrom lighting in my studio and the Elinchrom Skyport triggering system to trigger the strobes. The Elinchrom Skyport trigger uses a standard hot shoe mount with a single pin connection, designed to universally work with most camera brand hotshoes.

The Sony a7Rii uses the ‘Sony Multi Interface (MI)’ as a hot shoe connection. At first I wasn’t too sure that the Sony Multi Interface hot shoe mount would accept or work triggering my Elinchrom strobes with the Elinchrom Skyport trigger. To my delight it worked first time with no issues.

Over time of using the pairing I’ve found quite often get misfires/none firing with the Elinchrom Skyport on the Sony A7Rii. Starting at around 1 in every 20 triggers, then progressing to around 1 in every 10 triggers. At first I thought it was an issue with low AA batteries in the Elinchrom Skyport trigger, so changed them to a fresh set. This didn’t remedy the problem.

While shooting one day I accidentally knocked the Skyport trigger unit on my camera, when picking it up to shoot after a break (up to that point the trigger had been working fine with no mis/none fires). After the knock the trigger would not fire the stobes at all.

I then realised that it must be a connection problem between the camera and the Skyport trigger causing the mis/none fires. I noticed when sliding the Skyport trigger into the Sony Multi Interface hot shoe it slides quite far forward into the mount, resulting in the single connection pin in the centre of the hot shoe not properly lining up.

Not wanting to have to accurately slide the trigger everytime, I looked for a solution. I found a hotshoe adaptor made my PixelKing (Pixel King TF-334) on which adapts the Sony Multi Interface hot shoe into a standard hot shoe mount. At around £10 it was worth a try.

After arriving I tested the hotshoe adaptor using the Elinchrom Skyport and Sony A7rII and it works flawlessly. I have now used the for my last 7-10 portrait photoshoots and not had any misfires or non firing stobes at all. It is very well built, small and lightweight and ensures a correct reliable connection between the Sony A7Rii and the Elinchrom Skyport. It only makes the trigger sit slightly higher from the camera body. I leave it permenttly attached to my Elinchrom Skyport in my camera bag.

I hope this information helps any other Sony users.

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