Test Shoot with Paige Amber (PRM Models)

Having recently signed Paige Amber to their agency PRM models requested me to shoot a test shoot with her. Looking for studio portraits; fashionable, current head and body shots.

I wanted to try a simple lighting for a head/shoulders shot, thinking black and white would suit perfectly.
Using only one light (Elinchrom BRX500) and a Westcott 45″ shoot-through umbrella directly pointed at Paige this gave a soft yet punchy light to the face.

Being tethered to my MacBook using the TetherTools tether cable is a great help in the studio. After reviewing the pictures through CaptureOne 9 (for Sony) I didn’t think the shadows on the face were strong enough, so I added 2 black v-flats to, 1 each side of the model. This increased the contrast to the skin tones which I really liked.


I deliberately underexposed the images by 0.5 stop. This produced a darker skin tone and made the glossy makeup of Paige’s stand out really well.

Final images edited/retouched in post using Adobe Photoshop CC 2018



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