Test Shoot with Annabel Lewis (Lenis Models)

I organised a test shoot with Annabel Lewis from Lenis Models London. I was looking to update my portfolio with some raw looking images, with a fashion feel.

I wanted to try and get images with a slightly less of a standard studio feel.

I originally thought I would shoot these images to be black and white, but when processing the files in Photoshop I found colour version to work better.
The background stood out a bit too much when processed in black and white, even using a wide aperture of f2.2 to try and blur the background more.

I used the Godox system, of  the Godox AD600 battery powered strobe as the main light (beauty dish) and 2 Godox V860 II-S, this allowed me to use High Speed Sync (HSS), a faster shutter speed and wider aperture.


Using simple outfits and a combination of the lighting above I was very pleased with the outcome (shown below).


The Sony A7Rii paired with the Sony 55mm f1.8. This gives ultra sharp images and gives me more flexibility to go from full length and closer up without getting any distortion.

In the studio shooting tethered to my MacBook using a Tether Tools USB cable. Using CaptureOne Pro 9 for Sony, I can easily review images as the shoot goes on.

Edited/retouched in post using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Instagram – @robjamiesonuk