Julyana Soares Photoshoot Sept 2018 (BTS)

Brazilian fashion and commercial model Julyana Soares came to my studio with the brief from PRM Models London for some updated commercial pictures for her portfolio, with a raw, fashion edge/feel.

I wanted to keep these images as natural looking as possible, but with a little bit of edge to them.

Natural light with a diffuser helped soften/diffuse the harsh sunlight on the day, coming from camera right (models left). This allowed the light to be diffused yet still accentuate the models features and definition.



I used the Sony A7Rii paired with the Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8 , this gives ultra sharp images even at large apertures. Also allowing me to crop in for tighter pictures if need be.

Shooting tethered to my MacBook using a Tether Tools USB cable. Using CaptureOne Pro 9 for Sony, I can easily review images as the shoot goes on.



More images from this shoot can be seen on my instagram; @robjamiesonportraits

Edited/retouched in post using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Instagram – @robjamiesonportraits


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